Jan 29

Uncle Ralph’s Steakout in Rochester

Written by Sarina Fiero – LadyChowChow.com reporter from Syracuse:

A moving steak truck? These are things dreams are made of. Ralph Bushey’s Original Steakout and Barbeque is a moving catering service that makes its way daily to various Rochester, New York restaurants and bars. Current locations include The Anchor Bar, Daisy Dukes in Webster, and Tackles on the Bay.

The set-up is simple, and the experience is all about the food. As you pull up to one of Ralph’s steakout locations, you will see his big white truck parked aside a long row of grills for the cooking, and a long row of fold-out tables filled with everything he needs for the prepping. Ralph is always present behind the grills, with help provided by at least one young assistant. If the fragrances of the meat, sauces, and rubs don’t pull you into the location, it’s time for you to get your sniffer checked.

Each location’s atmosphere varies, but at Daisy Duke’s, everything is straightforward and effortless. You are given a paper menu filled with everything that Ralph is serving that night, and a paper plate to use at the small buffet table filled with starters like salad, pasta, meatballs, and bread. Be careful, as even these items could fill you up!
Finally, to the most important part- Ralph’s food. The typical menu includes items priced from around $9- $30. From bacon wrapped scallops or jumbo grilled shrimp to start to 24oz choice Delmonico or 12oz filet mignon to finish, for example. The most important aspect to emphasize about Ralph’s food is the incredible high-standard of the food he serves, and the quality at which he cooks the items. The meats are cooked with your choice of seasoning, with over 18 options to choose from, spanning from dry rubs to magic sauces. The care put into the quality of the meat and its preparation is not lost. With the crispy outside and tender inside, your knife will glide through any steak you pick. Ralph’s steak is the best I have ever had hands-down, with nothing- including steaks from high-end steakhouses- even coming close.

Oh, and did I mention that all of the dinners are served with a side of buttery cheddar-smashed potatoes?


image from: http://rochester.metromix.com/content_image/thumbnail/1×1/351/1567110

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