Jan 30

Tupelo Honey Cafe – time to travel to Asheville, NC

Tupelo Honey Cafe – An Award Winning Asheville, NC Restaurant
High-quality farm-fresh ingredients + innovative dishes + artistic atmosphere. I was drawn to Asheville, North Carolina in early October hoping to experience a perfect Fall weekend. The city was quirky and quaint, and prides itself on local, hand-made goods- from crafts to beers to farm-to-table food. After seeing the amount of positive reviews on Yelp, I knew I wanted to visit Tupelo Honey Cafe for brunch. The restaurant was extremely popular, as many of the brunch places in downtown Asheville appeared to be, and we had to wait an hour to be seated. The wait wasn’t bad as we had a park to sit in across the street, a couple musicians to listen to playing on corners, and plenty of people watching to do.
Once our name was called, we were seated at a table on the partially screened-in outdoor patio. It was a tight space, but we were happy to be there. Our meal officially began when our waiter brought out the complementary biscuits and jam. I could have died and gone to heaven after just this first course. The biscuits were perfection- flaky, light brown outside and soft, doughy inside. The jam tasted like it was composed of a variety of berries, mostly blueberries, and was absolutely delicious.
When it came time to order, I knew I had to go with Tupelo Honey Cafe’s claim to fame: the Sweet Potato Pancake. This is a single buttermilk pancake flavored with cinnamon and sweet potatoes, then topped with spiced pecans. I also chose to add Grandma’s Maple Granola to make it a crunchy pancake, as the menu said it was an absolute must. On the side I ordered goat cheese grits. The table shared a starter of Homemade Pimento Cheese and Tortilla Chips. The cheese dip was tasty, but I definitely didn’t leave enough room for the pancake. I was wondering if this single pancake was going to be enough to fill me up, and boy, I did not need to be worried. The pancake arrived and was probably 12 inches in diameter and at least half an inch thick. The waiter asked if I wanted some 100% maple syrup which I tried, but definitely didn’t need. The pancake was like eating a breakfast and dessert all rolled into one. It was very sweet and very filling. I was only able to finish about a quarter of the pancake and the grits. I took the remaining pancake home and had it for breakfast over the following two days.
Overall, I would be interested to try the pancake again without the granola. I thought the pancake was almost too sweet and am wondering if the subtraction of the maple granola would have satisfied me more. I also am a fan of goat cheese and enjoyed the grits, but a couple other people at the table commented that they were, ‘very goaty.’ I would highly recommend this restaurant and all of the food I ate. Although I may have tweaked a couple small things, you can’t beat the taste of a meal that is made of such high-quality and unique components, with a twist of fun. You can taste the care and thought that goes into the preparation, and I wish I lived closer so I could try other items on the menu!
By Sarina Fiero
12 College Street
Asheville  North Carolina  28801

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