Feb 13

The Point in Albany, New York

The Point in Albany, New York

Pretty much everyone has heard of Albany, NY or passed us on the highway going to one of the other big cities in the Northeast but many are not clear what they are missing by driving by us. Albany is happening! Yes, we are the Capital of New York State but that is not the reason our star has risen so high so quickly. Listen up because this news can not be shared often. We don’t want all of you moving here at once. Albany is hip without attitude. We have a wonderful music scene and a bucket of colleges. It might look a bit sleepy when you are driving down one of the main streets but do not be fooled. We are out doing. In the summer you even get a good nap in because there is so much to do for example Saratoga track and Performing Arts Center, Berkshire Theater Festival, Lake George. We have the life plus the price is right. Life is really reasonable. Now, there is a new reason that Albany is the Center of the Universe and that is The Point on Madison Ave.

As you walked into the restaurant you are a bit taken back. This place is beautifully decorated. We are a grateful lot here in Albany when the extra effort is made. The clicking of Jay Lo heels immediately indicates that this is a hot spot. This evening I am meeting my friend for decades, Miss Heather. When we hear about a new spot in town we plan to meet because that is just the kind of woman of the world we are. After an embrace hello, we settled down immediately to check out the menu and enjoy a cocktail.

In my opinion, feel comfortable about ordering anything on the menu. The food is wonderful and the bar menu is inspired. My taste buds were dancing with joy by the Tequila Mockingbird and Miss Heather’s choice The Clinger. All I can say is TASTY! Everything I have tried on the dinner menu has been right on, The Eggplant Napoleon, Chicken Chausser, Puttanesca and Shrimp Amatriciana. Chef Hughes food has soul. . There is something for everyone unless you are a culinary freak of nature. The wait staff was warm and engaging with plenty of suggestions. They could have been stuck up and difficult if they realized that they are working at the newest hot spot in the Northeast. My bet was we could have even gotten a hug out of them before we left for the evening or maybe a quick slow dance under the stars.

Whoever took the risk of sinking that much cash in this restaurant in midtown Albany – Bravo! Lady Chow Chow is a fan and I will be back and maybe I will bring sine of my friends.

The Point –You have been CHOWED!

The Official Site – http://bmtmgt.com/ThePoint/
Menu – http://bmtmgt.com/thepoint/downloads/THE_POINT_MENU_2011.pdf

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