Nov 08

The Best Lobster Roll in Cape Cod – but you wouldn’t be able to find it.

When staying on the Cape there is a list of retail items that need to be accomplished. Some vacationers take it on in the beginning of the trip or wait for that guaranteed rainy day but It must be accomplished yearly. For shame if you wait until the last day as you are driving off the Cape. Nothing worse than standing in line for t-shirts the same day you will probably be sitting in line waiting to get over the bridge to carry you off to home and your life Capeless. Don’t complete the following list of need to do and you have to live with a year of regrets until you arrive on the Cape the following year.
1. Purchase T-shirts or Sweatshirts from Cuffy’s. Most of my relaxation and gym wardrobe has large Cape Cod letters blazing across on chest.
2. Consume a bowl of New England clam chowder with Oyster Crackers.
3. Visit to the Christmas Tree Shop to purchase gifts for the Capeless folks back home
4. Consume the Best Lobster Roll one can find and enjoy the envy of friends that missed out. For people that have not visited the Cape, there are many disappointing lobster rolls being peddled on Cape Cod. About 98% of the Lobster Rolls on Cape Cod disappoint.

After searching the web and evaluating the reviews there were three Best of the Cape Lobster rolls listed. This year we decided to go to the Raw Bar in Mashpee. GPS by my side we jumped on Rte. 6. The Raw Bar is actually in New Seabury in the Market Place. Even with the aid of the GPS it is close to impossible to find. The locals’ report it is in the Marketplace but there doesn’t appear to be anything that looks like the Marketplace in site. On a wooden fence there is a black board sign with faint letters that someone has tried to whip clean. It is probably the owner who is sick and tired of semi-hysterical vacationers showing up asking for the Best Lobster Roll in Cape Cod. If you journey past that sign there is a parking lot. Only the brave and determined decide to journey into the cluster of grey buildings. And yes it is true the Raw Bar does exist although don’t walk to fast or you will walk by it.

The Raw Bar is a beach bar with 10 bar stools and a couple of microwaves. We ordered two Lobster Rolls $25 a piece, waiting to see if we have found the mother of all lobster rolls. And we have! One roll could feed two hungry travelers. No fillers, not overly mayoed, just big ass chunks of well-cooked lobster. Can’t say much about the roll, I didn’t even see it until day two in the doggie bag. The service was fine and to the point. Here is your drink and here it is! The Best Lobster Roll! Is it the best?, it certainly is the most amazing out of control lobster roll I have encountered in my 45 years of Cape Cod Vacationing. Last night I ate the second half and there still is some left over. Suggestion! Buy it early in the vacation week so you can handle the left overs.

PS. To the owners, I would love a Lobster Roll in the middle of the winter – Great if you could airmail it to me. Have a feeling you are probably down in the Islands recovering from the Cape Cod summers.

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