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May 24

If Peanuts are not a nut – why do they call them peanuts.


Peanuts are not nuts, they are part of the pea family. Because of this, they are prone to spoiling much faster than nuts, which is why they are typically found roasted. Peanut oil can be utilized to make nitroglycerin, a major component of dynamite.

May 03

An Almond is not a nut!


        Almonds are not nuts, they are considered to be a member of the peach family. In fact, they closely resemble peach pits; they are simply lacking a surrounding of fruit.

Jan 23

Barney’s Butter – I’m Addicted

Barney Butter

Ladychowchow says: We have all tried Almond Butter and for the most part it is not great. No taste and I have to talk myself into eating it. Eating it is a step above having to go to the dentist for a teeth cleaing  but not much above.  I never really could understand why – …

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