Feb 01

Joe Boston’ Italian Beef — Italian Beef and Sausage Sandwich 2932 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 486-9536 by Randi Mont

Joe Boston’ Italian Beef is located at 2932 W. Chicago Ave in Chicago. The neighborhood is not the best but there’s no question, it’s worth the trip. You have to park on the street as there is no parking lot. Although there are many chains that sell Italian Beef sandwiches, Joe’s has that neighborhood restaurant feel & more for your $$.

Joe’s is a no frills type of place so the atmosphere is not what you go there for, good food & reasonable prices are the reasons to go. You order right at the counter & then take your food to any open table. Make sure you grab a lot of napkins because it can get pretty messy from all the juice that comes out of the Sandwich.

You can choose to get your Italian Beef with or without hot peppers but you better like spicey if you decide to go with the peppers because it has quite the kick. My Boyfriend got it without the hot peppers & still said it was good with great taste.

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