Mar 12

Is the Capital Area actually a happening place?


We all have our reasons for living in the Capital Area. Family, ,friends, ability to get to NYC, Boston, The Berkshires  The Adirondacks and Montreal quickly are sited as the main reasons for making this area home.  But is the Capital Area on its own merits starting to become enough of a reason to set up tent in the Capital Area?

There have been signs that the area is trending in the right direction.  There is not a local that can not click off a series of why they live here. Since it is the ugliest time of the year perhaps it is a good time to review the positives.  There has always been  a healthy share of live music in the area. The summer event schedule is overwhelming. The options are limitless ie,The Track, Williamstown Theater,  Tanglewood,   SPAC,  and Lake George. From the end of June until the Labor Day it is a fast pace existent just to keep with the minimal cultural activities. That is not to suggest the rest of the year sucks,   The fall has become the best part of the year. Albany in October, can it be better? Global warming has given us falls from heaven. The other reason to hang in the Capital area is that we usually don’t have major natural disasters. The West has the fires, the south has those nasty hurricanes and the midwest those crazy tornadoes. Mercy the folks from Boston and NYC spend their weekends close to our front door. It certainly can’t be all bad.   But the one area that Capital Area always dearly needed was great eateries. In the past couple of years that has improved and the area is certainly responding. I was a the Point last night and it was swarming with humanity. Dear Heavens, it was a Monday night in March and a restaurant was packed. You could have been in any major city – you could feel the city beat. The Capital Area might be on the verge of becoming happening place.Confectionary 2

The newest addition to the Capital Area eating scene that shows that we are entering a new day in the Capital Area is  The Charles F Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar in Troy, NY. .Located in the downtown Monument area the Wine Bar provides the perfect location to hang out enjoy to enjoy glass of wine and munch if you want. The atmosphere makes the experience and that is chiefly because of  the presence of the two owners and their staff. Welcoming is such a little word, I actually felt I had known the owners for years after my first visit to their creation. This is not to suggest this is another Adirondack theme spot. The Confectionery could make it in NYC. It is hip and it is happening. The wine list is very good to wonderful. The cheese offerings are inspired.  Great sweets to add the final touch or be the main course if so desired. But the best part is the  no matter where you looked people were having a great time. It is comfortable and engaging. The rare spot where you want to be and venture to try something new.  You will look forward to your next visit, I certainly am.

Yours in eats,

Lady ChowChow

The Charles F Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar

12 2nd St
Troy, NY 12180

(518) 326-3450

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