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Is a Chicken ever worth 80 bucks?

Nomad chicken

It was time for a Lady Chow Chow adventure- The Holidays are over! The Christmas Tree had been dragged to the curb leaving most of the needles in the house. That is always a happy moment.  The window lights were stashed in the attic. The real indicator  that the season  was past was that the Xmas cookies on top of the Frig were starting to look nasty.

Off to the city I went. From those of you not from NY State – the only city that is the city is NYC.  DeeDee (Footnote 1) had made reservations at a new hot spot, The Nomad Restaurant.  Before my journey downstate I checked out the menu and something I had never seen before jumped off the page. This restaurant served a $80 chicken and it had a floral arrangement coming out of the chicken’s butt.  Well I had to sit down and have a cocktail and ponder this new option. I had never thought of sticking a flower arrangement out of the chickens butt before but it worked. Martha Stewart was way behind on this trend.

What makes a chicken worth $80.  I can see a live chicken being worth $80 dollars but a dead one?  The menu description reads:

WHOLE-ROASTED FOR TWO: FOIE GRAS, BLACK TRUFFLE, BRIOCHE. OK, The Foie Gras is a rather expensive ingredient and as I found out later the Foie Gras was from the Hudson Valley,  http://www.hudsonvalleyfoiegras.com.  So off I went eager to meet the chicken.
Well DeeDee , PeePee ( Footnote 2 ) and I took our afternoon naps in preparation for the feast.  Naps are ever so important at this age. We had to stay awake for the dessert. We started our journey to find the golden chicken by train from the metro center of Rutherford, NJ  http://www.rutherford-nj.com.   Lady Chow Chow and her friends love a food adventure. Well lets not mince words the restaurant is beautiful and so is the doorman.  We were seated a lovely table in the main dining room. The room was designed for an escape from a cold winters night.  Dark  walls, candles, a roaring fireplace. rich fabrics and delicious cocktails.  We love our cocktails and can’t wait to see what has been created for this food experience. I ordered the FIG AND THISTLE  which included  HIGHLANDS BLANCO TEQUILA, CARDAMARO AMARO, FIG, LEMON.  I believe PeePee ordered the THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN – NICARAGUAN RUM, GUYANESE RUM, PUMPKIN SPICES, LEMON, CINNAMON. Our DeeDee had to experiment as always and selected. PINS AND NEEDLES – LONDON DRY GIN, OLD TOM GIN, CHAMBERY DRY VERMOUTH, PALE CREAM SHERRY, MARASCHINO, EAU DE VIE OF DOUGLAS FIR. Can I say I don’t drink pine trees but it all worked.  All the cocktails were wonderful and we were pleased. Not an easy crowd to please at cocktail time. PeePee selected the winner of the evening with the Headless Horsemen.

So we were ready for the main event. The chicken was ordered and we selected two appetizers. to share. The first was TAGLIATELLE -KING CRAB, MEYER LEMON & BLACK PEPPER.  Perfection!  The second was the CAULIFLOWER – ROASTED WITH GRAPES, CHEDDAR & MARCONA ALMONDS. This has become one of my go to dishes for company. Light, healthy and different. The recipe is under Lady Chow Chow recipes.

It was now finally time.  It was time for the chicken. It arrived and is was shown and then it left.  It did have an arrangement out of its butt. Nicely done, not to big and it made a statement.  The chicken gets carved away from the table and then it arrives back divided on two plate, well at least some of it.. The dark meat is served separately  with caramelized onions and a delicious sauce that could not be described as light and healthy. . Well I actually ordered the lobster which was good but not a show stopper compared to the rest of the meal. The chicken was an event  and all agreed it was worth $80,  It was not an item you are likely to make at home unless you were stir crazy during a winter storm.

What was interesting is that all of the chicken was not served. I must be clear,  the meat  is so rich you really can’t eat a bucket of it . Asking for a Doggie Bag would have been embarrassing in such a place. But the question has to asked – Where did the rest of the chicken go? Asking this question may be the sign of the sick mind but the curious have their place on this earth. Where is the rest of the chicken?

To finish this adventure we concluded with one sweet.  We three have a coconut issue. So we ordered  COCONUT TOASTED COCONUT CAKE, SORBET & CHOCOLATE CREMUEX. DeeDee tried the lick the plate and we stopped him just in time.

The Nomad Restaurant makes you fall in love with NYC. It is a place to announce to the world. I am young, hip and stylish and I am eating a $80 chicken.

Footnote 1 –  DeeDee and I met in Poland years ago when we were both having a life adventure. We became instant friends and have been that way for years no matter what life has sent us.

Footnote 2 – How lucky can one be to be named PeePee. Well PeePee is DeeDee’s partner and he was awarded the name after we both fell in love with him. Now we are all traveling through life together searching for the Best there is.  It should be noted  DeeDee and PeePee are the best there is!.

Until we meet again,

Lady ChowChow – Alias LeeLee

PS. I could really use some chicken right now



Reservations came be made on line.



NEW  YORK, NY 10001

T 212 796 1500 & 855 796 1505









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