Apr 02

Colin’s Spinach Cabbage Almond Dish

From our Food Editor Colin
I took a flier yesterday on an epicurious recipe for warm spinach and red cabbage salad. And I’m just downright glad that I did.
I didn’t have any red cabbage, but had 3/4 head of savoy cabbage on the verge of going south in my crisper drawer.  Didn’t have some of the other ingredients, like pignolli, either, but what the hey?
So, I started by sauteeing some chopped garlic and sliced onion in olive oil-EVOO.  I added sliced almonds to toast.  Then the sliced savoy cabbage, sliced button mushrooms, and then a full bag of spinach.  I don’t remember adding salt to this, which hopefully means that I didn’t.  I’d love to claim that this dish is low sodium. When it had all wilted down (I added more olive oil twice), it was dressed with a vinaigrette made with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, more chopped garlic, and honey.   I realized this morning that I could have used agave nectar instead of the honey.  That jar of honey will be the next thing that gets thrown out.  It’s too far gone.
The flavors are wonderfully bright, with quite a bit of sweetness.  I can see this also working with the addition of some lemon or lime zest to brighten it even further.
Even after wilting down, this recipe makes quite a bit.  We served two, and there’s easily enough remaining to serve 4 more.

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