Jan 28

Catskills Mt. Cabbage and Cheese Kugel

A good friend’s Grandma made this during summer vacations in the Catskills for all the grandkids. The secret to this recipe is taking the time to cook everything  thoroughly.  Be sure to spend the time
cooking the onions until they are really caramelized and sweet.  The cabbage should be cooked until it is soft before you add the cheese. When it is complete it is so tasty!
Sauté 2-3 lbs. of onions thinly sliced in Veg oil & butter very slowly for abut an hour
Shred the cabbage  into small pieces & put in the caramelized onions until it is cooked
Mix in lb. of cooked flat egg noodles & lb. or 1/lb. of Velveeta cheese if you want cheese in it.
Add salt & pepper
Bake in oven covered @ 325….stir after a while & keep baking

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