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May 27

To Weird Not to Know about – Can you say Food Fight!

tomatina 2

What’s rumored to have originated as a local brawl (possibly an attack on city council members by disgruntled townspeople) in Buñol, Spain, has turned into the world’s largest food fight, with some 45,000 revelers hurling more than 250,000 pounds of tomatoes at one another the last Wednesday in August.

May 23

There is still time to book tickets – England: Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling is this weekend.


The residents of Gloucestershire, England, are so gung-ho about continuing their more than decades–old cheese-rolling tradition that they held an unofficial roll of semi-hard, unpasteurized Double Gloucester cheese down Coopers Hill this year even after the event was officially cancelled. It’s usually held on the last Monday in May.

May 21

To Weird Not to Know About

Photo by

Attendees of this festival held by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh dare themselves to eat insect dishes prepared by local chefs—and cheer on bugs at the Roach Race 5000.

May 02

The Oak Table by Sarina Fiero – a Columbia, South Carolina restaurant


The Oak Table by Sarina Fiero Foodie friends came to the rescue as we were seeking a new place to eat dinner, and trying to pull ourselves out of the rut of going to the same favorite places over and over again. A friend made Friday night reservations for our party of four at a …

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Apr 01

Is a Chicken ever worth 80 bucks?


It was time for a Lady Chow Chow adventure- The Holidays are over! The Christmas Tree had been dragged to the curb leaving most of the needles in the house. That is always a happy moment.  The window lights were stashed in the attic. The real indicator  that the season  was past was that the Xmas cookies …

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Mar 12

Is the Capital Area actually a happening place?

Confectionary 2

  We all have our reasons for living in the Capital Area. Family, ,friends, ability to get to NYC, Boston, The Berkshires  The Adirondacks and Montreal quickly are sited as the main reasons for making this area home.  But is the Capital Area on its own merits starting to become enough of a reason to set …

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Feb 10

Another Goddess in the Kitchen – Village Pizzeria and Ristorante (VPR), Middle Grove, NY

Village cafe and Pizzeria

This summer a couple of NYC friends came up to visit me in the north country. It makes you think twice about where to dine  in the Capital District when the Manhattanites come to town. You don’t want to look to silly. So after a day at the track I suggested the Village Pizzeria and Ristorante …

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Feb 03

3rd Food Wonder of the Capital District – Almond Croissants at Mrs. Loudon’s Bakery Saratoga, NY

Almond Cr.

“The best way to get to heaven is to take it with you. ” —Henry Drummond If that is the case I am taking Mrs. Loudon’s Almond Croissants with me when I pass through the pearly gates. There is pastry and then there is pastry.   Each bite the butter is present  with almonds, sugar …

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Feb 01

Joe Boston’ Italian Beef — Italian Beef and Sausage Sandwich 2932 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 486-9536 by Randi Mont

Outside Joe's Italian Beef

Joe Boston’ Italian Beef is located at 2932 W. Chicago Ave in Chicago. The neighborhood is not the best but there’s no question, it’s worth the trip. You have to park on the street as there is no parking lot. Although there are many chains that sell Italian Beef sandwiches, Joe’s has that neighborhood restaurant …

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Feb 01

Esperanto – Saratoga Springs, NY – not just for late night


Esperanto – Saratoga Springs, NY – not just for late night Not a party animal! Esperanto should still have a place in your heart. When I zip up the highway to hang out in Saratoga, Esperanto’s is always on my list of places to visit.  One of my favorite items is a Jolly Green Wrap. …

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