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Mar 22

Recipes Almost Lost


Attention All LadyChowChow fans!  We are looking for submissions for the Recipes Almost Lost Category. When someone we love passes away we often miss the food that they made for us. Baking my Grandma’s jelly roll and cooking my Dad’s chicken soup fills me with happy memories and for a moment it feels like they …

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Feb 08

Grandma’s Jelly Roll

My Grandma was a pastry chef before WWII for a royal family in Germany. Her Jelly Roll floated on air. It was the stuff legends are made out of.  It took several attempts but this is as close as it gets to Grandma’s JR.  By the way she was the best Grandma that ever lived. …

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Feb 05

Dad Rittberger’s Puff Pancakes


Dad has been gone a couple of years now. I miss him every day. Cooking family recipes like this makes him feel closer.  Dad and Maddy are enjoying a day by the pond.  He loved that dog so. Wish I could make this for him!   Puff Pancakes 1/4 tsp salt 4 large eggs 1 …

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Feb 01

Bill Granger’s Coconut Bread

One afternoon surfing the Cooking Channel I found Bill Granger. Bill is a Chef in Australia and he owns several restaurants around Sydney Australia. His recipes are terrific. If you have time check out his show Bill’s Food. His Coconut Bread is terrific. Right out of the oven, toasted, with Nutella, butter or just by itself. …

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Jan 28

Catskills Mt. Cabbage and Cheese Kugel

noodle kugel

A good friend’s Grandma made this during summer vacations in the Catskills for all the grandkids. The secret to this recipe is taking the time to cook everything  thoroughly.  Be sure to spend the time cooking the onions until they are really caramelized and sweet.  The cabbage should be cooked until it is soft before you add …

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