Jan 29

Berkshire Bakery – The Best Bread


Americans love Best of Lists. The 10 places you should visit this year. The ten best beauty products of 2013. The ten best careers for the future . Lists are an indicator of how we live.  Give it to me fast and furious because I am too busy or too lazy to figure this out myself. But once in awhile you should check out one of these list to see what you are missing right in your own back yard.  My favorite food is bread, well maybe cheese  It is too close to call. One day I’m zooming around the food magazines websites and found a list of the Best Bakeries in the US. It is in pages of BonAppetit and then in Savuer magazine that I found that one of the best bakeries in the US is spitting distance from my front door and I didn’t even know it. Someone must know what they are talking about. .

From the pages of Saveur. “Baker Richard Bourdon’s shop may be tucked away in a Western Massachusetts village with a population just over 1,000, but it has garnered nation-wide attention. The calls for road trips to Berkshire Mountain Bakery are certainly warranted, as Bourdon, who hails from Quebec, has been committed to the art of natural sourdough baking for more than 35 years – long before this wild yeast process became en vogue in America. Some of the his most legendary products are Bread and Chocolate, a white boule studded with Callebaut chocolate chunks, the Multi Grain covered with rolled oats and the Cherry Pecan, which makes for incredible French toast”.

So take it from LadyChowchow. The bread with chocolate is the best. No the croissant is the best. No the Mutligrain bread  is the best. Good bread is still great in my book but this bread is the best. This bakery is a reason to get in the car and drive as fast as you can to the Berkshires.  If you are standing in line at the counter  you will probablyl be behind me.

Berkshire Bakery croissants


Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Inc.
367 Park Street, Route 183
Housatonic, MA 01236
Phone: 413-274-3412
Fax: 413-274-6124




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