Feb 10

Another Goddess in the Kitchen – Village Pizzeria and Ristorante (VPR), Middle Grove, NY

This summer a couple of NYC friends came up to visit me in the north country. It makes you think twice about where to dine  in the Capital District when the Manhattanites come to town. You don’t want to look to silly. So after a day at the track I suggested the Village Pizzeria and Ristorante in Middle Grove, NY

If you have never been to this secret gem, it is a must. They have been in business for twenty years and I just heard about them this past summer from three different friends in a matter of a couple of weeks.  When that happens you know  you need to venture out and dine there at once. The Goddess of Great Food has set the Wheel of Fate for a Feast in motion! So off we go zipping up the northway to Exit 13N.

The location is in Middle Grove – which sits about 15 minutes from downtown Saratoga.  You could easily drive by it and not even blink.  There should be a massive neon sign that says ” Heah  Numbnut this place has a wine cellar that received an award from the Wine Spectator”. But it does not have that sign so pay attention so you don’t  miss the experience.

When you walk through the front door of the Village Pizzeria and Ristorante  you can feel it. This place celebrates life.  Love of food and wine are obvious.  Actually I  don’t know the owners yet but it is clear they love life and want to share the experience.

After settling down at our table. We ordered Fried Squash Blossoms.  Stuffed with a super light Ricotta stuffing and deep fried. After the plate was delivered silence overcame the table. We are all fans of the stuffed squash blossom  so the tension was rising.  Did I say I would share – NO! After we each took a blossom all you heard was” Oh my Goodness!”  ” Dear Heaven” ” This is Amazing!” After that  you could have served us White Castle Burgers and we would have still been thrilled.

I have to pause in my review because i must admit to my readers. I had to go get a glass of wine. You can’t even think of the VPR without having a glass of vino.

The VPR wine lists keeps on going and is inspired. So far I have only been able to have a sip of wine because I am always driving but I will figure out a way in the near future to indulge. Each plate of food that I have had has been very good to excellent. The Key Lime Pie is pretty outrageous if you have room at the end of the meal.

So go..now..don’t wait. Enjoy the experience and enjoy the love of wine and food that vibrates throughout the VPR.

PS. Really wish I had one of those squash blossoms right now!


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