Jan 29

Amazing Cupcakes from NJ

Written By David Grassetti – LadyChowChow.com Foodie from NJ:

Cupcakes from The Stuffed Cupcake:

This charming cupcake cafe, located in the town center of Nutley, NJ, about 12 miles west of Manhattan, is a nice place to sit for a spell and enjoy coffee or tea and a fabulous cupcake. The interior is clean and spacious (perhaps a bit too spacious to be called cozy), with plenty of comfortable seating. We enjoyed three cupcakes from what was an amazingly large and diverse selection:

Lime in de Coconut (vanilla cake, lime frosting, coconut stuffing):

In a word, fabulous! Rich, dense, moist cake with tangy lime frosting (not too sweet) and coconut filling was like a tropical indulgence. This unusual cupcake was my favorite.

Red Velvet (red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and stuffing):

This is supposed to be The Stuffed Cupcake’s most popular and I can see why. The cake is moist and dense, but most importantly the cream cheese icing and filling are perfection. Creamy, smooth and rich and with the right amount of sour tang from the cream cheese. Delicious!

Mom’s Favorite (vanilla cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate stuffing):

With all the interesting and wonderfully unique flavor combinations to choose from, I recommend steering clear of the basics. They’re good of course, but they’re just not as exciting and surprising as other more exotic options.


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