Jan 29

Paisano’s Restaurant – Rutherford, NJ

132 Park Avenue, Rutherford, NJ
Phone: 201-935-5755
This is my favorite Italian restaurant anywhere and that says a lot when you live in the NY/NJ area!  The restaurant decor is interesting and tasteful and each of the several rooms has its own unique style (plus there is a lovely outdoor garden for the warmer months).  The staff are friendly, attentive and experienced and they treat you like family.  Many of the wait staff have been with the restaurant for years.  Several know us since we’re repeat customers and will even kiss us hello as if we were a guest in their own home!
As for the food, it is absolutely delicious and is consistently excellent.  Some of my favorite dishes are:  lobster ravioli with sambuca cream sauce; double cut pork chop stuffed with figs and gorganzola with a maple glaze; chicken francese over rigatoni (be sure to request extra lemon sauce for the pasta); and appetizer salad with coconut shrimp and citrus dressing.  Many of the pastas are homemade and they are served perfectly al dente each time.  The one and only disappointment I’ve ever experienced in the seven years we’ve been going was the ribeye steak. It was the best steak I’d ever had the first time I ordered it (with the spicy dry rub). But the next two times I ordered it, I found it to be tough to eat.  Beyond that, most dishes were among the best I’ve ever eaten anywhere.
If you go on a Friday or Saturday evening, I suggest you make reservations as it always fills up at peak times.
132 Park Avenue  Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 935-5755
By DD Grassetti

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