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May 30

Skip the Coffee – Eat an Apple for your Morning Jolt


Eating an apple is a more reliable method of staying awake than consuming a cup of coffee. The natural sugar in an apple is more potent than the caffeine in coffee.

May 28

Those Crazy Aussies – Hold on to your Melons!

Melon 2

Once every two years in February, Chinchilla—the “Melon Capital of Australia” (their watermelon accounts for 25 percent of the nation’s crop)—celebrates the bounty with a messy melon-strewn street parade and “sports” like seed spitting, melon tossing, and skiing with feet embedded in the fruit.

May 28

1,2,3, Easy – Spring Pasta from the Chew

Spring-Pasta (2)

It felt like a long winter – but this is one way to celebrate the change in seasons. TASTY! and on the table in less than 30 min. including cooking time.   FOR THE CHIVE BREAD CRUMBS: 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 cup bread crumbs ¼ cup minced chives Zest of 1 lemon 2 tablespoons …

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May 27

To Weird Not to Know about – Can you say Food Fight!

tomatina 2

What’s rumored to have originated as a local brawl (possibly an attack on city council members by disgruntled townspeople) in Buñol, Spain, has turned into the world’s largest food fight, with some 45,000 revelers hurling more than 250,000 pounds of tomatoes at one another the last Wednesday in August.

May 26

Drop Dead Kick Ass Sangria

Sangria (2)

My apologies – I have no idea where this recipe comes from Serves 8  or 4 thirsty friends or 2 lonely friends 750 ml bottle red wine (like Clos du Bois Rouge) 1 cup Grand Marnier 1 cup rum 1 cup pineapple juice 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1 cup fresh lemon juice 1 cup …

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May 24

If Peanuts are not a nut – why do they call them peanuts.


Peanuts are not nuts, they are part of the pea family. Because of this, they are prone to spoiling much faster than nuts, which is why they are typically found roasted. Peanut oil can be utilized to make nitroglycerin, a major component of dynamite.

May 23

There is still time to book tickets – England: Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling is this weekend.


The residents of Gloucestershire, England, are so gung-ho about continuing their more than decades–old cheese-rolling tradition that they held an unofficial roll of semi-hard, unpasteurized Double Gloucester cheese down Coopers Hill this year even after the event was officially cancelled. It’s usually held on the last Monday in May.

May 21

Curtis Stone’s Sticky Toffee Ice Cream – Make Ahead! The Perfect Summer Dessert

Toffee ice cream

We are all looking for that perfect make ahead Summer Sweet for dinner parties. Easy, not fussy but still makes an impression. Here ya go! STORING: The ice cream can be frozen for up to 2 days. 8 ounces Medjool dates (about 14), pitted and coarsely chopped 1 cup packed light brown sugar 8 tablespoons …

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May 21

To Weird Not to Know About

Photo by

Attendees of this festival held by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh dare themselves to eat insect dishes prepared by local chefs—and cheer on bugs at the Roach Race 5000.

May 17

Pump me some coconut milk


In an emergency, coconut water can be substituted for blood plasma, due to the fact that coconut water possesses the perfect PH level and is also sterile.

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